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Wave, wind and tide forecast for Sydney on Seabreeze

Wave forecast by NSW Government

Map of the sea temperature from BOM

Real time swell, wind and current for Botany Bay (Kurnell and Bare Island dive sites)

WEBCAMS North to South

Manly Manly2 North Bondi Clovelly


On this website you can see some shore dive sites maps and descriptions, complementary to what is the most comprehensive reference: Michael McFadyen’s website. If you are looking for coordinates for a boat dive you can convert Michael’s ones (in AUS66 format) into the more common WGS 84 with this converter and then save them in Google Maps or with a specific navigation free app such as Commander Compass Go or Pure GPS for your smartphone.

Also, no descriptions but a very convenient kmz file with hundreds of locations you can load into Google Earth from Wayne Heming website.

Other coordinates for the artificial reefs of Botany Bay.


  • Googlemaps - generally poor visibility of the seabed due to glare from the sun at the zenith but if you install the free Google Earth application you can browse old satellite imagery and find better images (yet not recent).

  • SIX Maps by NSW Government (excellent seafloor visibility if you don’t zoom in too much)

  • Whereis maps another set of maps worth checking, for satellite images select the layer bottom right in the page

  • Microsoft Bing worth checking as it usually has good pictures with little sun glare


From Sentinel, a satellite picture available every few days, in this link you can see the runoff after heavy rain in March 2021, change the date for checking current conditions


BY NSW Office of Environment and Heritage: KML file to be loaded into Google Earth representing the most extensive mapping of the seabed in NSW. Data is from 2013 and uses a number of technologies described here. Be mindful that empirical evidence suggests the maps are not reliable for diving nowadays. Compared to the maps I have put together by direct observation with GPS (Cabbage Tree Bay, Shark Point, Curl Curl, Queenscliff) there can be a difference of up to 100m in the position of the sand line. Whether is due to movement of the sand or intrinsic limit of the technology I don't know.

BY RMS: Middle Harbour Port Jackson Sydney ocean side Botany Bay

BY NAVIONICS: Underwater topography



Video recording of a very informative presentation by our member Jack Hannan on the factors affecting visibility in Sydney


iNaturalist - once you create a (free) account you can upload fish pictures and in a few seconds the iNaturalist will suggest the most similar fish identities

Identifying sharks and rays by NSW DPI, an excellent visual guide

Fishes of Australia - comprehensive list of the fish of our waters, scroll the gallery to find what you are looking to identify

Nudibranch of NSW - by CSIRO

List of marine species protected in Australia under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act)


Little Known Wonders Of Sydney Harbour


How to be found at sea: Differences between PLB, EPIRB, AIS, DCS.

Study on bull sharks presence in the Sydney Harbour

Anatomy of the cuttlefish

Shark anatomy diagram, an interesting view under the skin of the shark, from www.sharktrust.org

Explore the depths with this cool animation

21 best diving movies of all time

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